Juniors demolish seniors in powder-puff game


Gabriella Estrada

Junior Quarterback Grace Ulatowski runs to score a touchdown to put the juniors ahead in the game. Another junior player, Reese Herold said, “We practiced the entire week and were dedicated to winning.”

Andrew Kula and Gabriella Estrada

Lemont High School held its annual powder-puff, girls flag football game, on Thursday, Sept. 30 with the juniors taking on the seniors. It was the juniors, however, that gave an outstanding performance with many touchdowns and the final score being the juniors on top 38-22. 

Despite the score, the stakes and momentum were immense for this staple of the school’s homecoming spirit week and many students were looking forward to witnessing which class came out on top. 

“The whole team was beyond excited to be participating in the game. We went into it believing that we were going to win and I think it gave us an advantage. We practiced the entire week and were dedicated to winning,” said junior Reese Herold. 

However, with this excitement that went with winning, there of course was also the pressure that was related to becoming the class on top when it comes to the powder-puff.  “It was fun going into the game but as the start of the game started to get closer, I really started to get more and more nervous,” said junior Noah Taylor, one of the coaches for this flag football game. 

Many of the junior players and coaches were ecstatic and glad to see that they were going to win and come out on top over the senior team. “It was relieving, there was a lot of pressure on our grade to win. About half way through the game we knew we were going to win and I think it just made it all more fun,” said Herold. 

With the conclusion of the game and the junior’s victory over the senior class, many of the students that can participate in the game next year responded positively. 

“Definitely. All of our teammates have decided to participate again next year, hopefully with the assistance of the same coaching staff,” said Herold. 

Even the coaches, who are all members of the varsity football team, said that they would undoubtedly want to be a part of the game next year as seniors. “It was a little different not actually playing but, as a coach, it was awesome to watch my team win and I can’t wait until next year,” said Taylor. 

Additionally, the excitement from the students at the high school brought both teams a lot of support with parents, family, and friends cheering them on in the stands. All classes also benefited in homecoming spirit points if students came out to support their friends/upperclassmen.

The flag football game was rather intense for both juniors and seniors trying their best to win. Not only was the winning aspect on the line, but also the bragging rights for next year. (Gabriella Estrada)