2021 Class color day assembly


Emma Arnold

Students celebrate and display school spirit as classes compete.

Emma Arnold, Staff Writer

Thursday, September 30th was the first class color day assembly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure safety of the students while still allowing students to have fun and show school spirit, the school held the assembly outside on the football field rather than inside in the gymnasium.

There were some of the usual and favored games and competitions such as tug-of-war and arm wrestling. As well as the puzzle game. Faculty also introduced some new games such as the pumpkin race as they got rid of the beloved dodgeball. 

Students were thrilled for another class color day, especially senior Julia Rajchel who said, “I have been looking forward to my senior class color day since freshman year, I think most people have. I was really worried that we would not be able to have one this year because of covid but I was super excited to find out we still were.”

 The Juniors took the win for the assembly as they won competitions such as tug of war against seniors. Although Seniors won the spirit week competition. Overall students were thrilled for class competitions and the class spirit.