Mrs. Duensing spices up homecoming with a new website


Ella Murray

Mrs. Duensing created an easily accessible and user-friendly website to display all homecoming information.

Ella Murray, Staff Writer

This year, English teacher Angela Duensing created the homecoming website for the 2021 homecoming dance. The website displayed lots of separate tabs all pertaining to homecoming week, especially the spirit point totals.

The website included different information about the homecoming week. Spirit point totals such as the amount of students dressed up, food drive items, spirit link donations and class color game results were all shown on the website.

Duensing said, “We decided to put the website together to make it a little bit easier for kids to see what was going on. It allowed for us to keep everything organized in one place.”

Mrs. Duensing also had provided a link to the school Rev Trak, where you were able to purchase tickets for the dance. Students and staff were also able to view the skits that were made and see the top five skits for that day. 

The names of each homecoming court winner were posted onto the website along with the pictures that were taken once each grade won. The class banner pictures and winners were also posted onto the website. 

Duensing added “I think that website was a good thing that had come out of this covid year.”