Charm’s Cherry Blow Pop: Was it a sweet success?


Reagan Russell

Charm’s Cherry Blow Pops are a glowing success here at LHS.

Reagan Russell, Staff Writer

Charms Cherry Blow pops pack a strong cherry punch that is sure to knock you off your feet this Halloween season. The dense cherry layering surrounds a soft and chewy bubble gum center that allows for a pleasant mix of flavors and textures. 

Although the bubble gum center is not super flavorful it is a great way to cleanse your palate after the sweet cherry sucker. 

The traditional Halloween staples typically include some form of chocolate, carmel, or wafer so this treat will be a refreshing way to diversify your candy bag. 

Charm’s Cherry Blow Pop could be compared to the well known Tootsie pop. Both suckers share a hard exterior most commonly in the cherry flavor but instead of the sticky peanut butter or chocolate center that has a stale like flavor you will be treated with a chewy bubble gum filling. 

Not only is the flavor of the blow pop rich and interesting, the packaging adds a level of fun for all ages. The carnival-like colors and shapes immediately transport people to a world of immigation and happiness. 

This sweet treat is available at all local drug stores and supermarkets which means everyone will be able to share and enjoy this sweet treat on Halloween night.