Students leave old habits behind, no longer change out books every passing period


Gabriella Estrada

Empty hallways are accessorized with blue lockers on each floor level.

Destiny Vargas and Gabriella Estrada

Typical high school teen movies and shows portray students constantly congregating around a friend’s locker or simply making a pit stop to grab a textbook. But do actual high school students use their lockers as seen in movies?

In a survey of 153 students at LHS, 79.1% of students reported that they never used their school locker, while only 20.9% said they did. The majority of students found that using their locker would be a major inconvenience due to the location of their locker and the lack of time between class periods. 

“My locker is on the second floor and I don’t have classes on that floor, so it would just take a long time to get there,” junior Natalia Zalinski said, “I honestly don’t know exactly where it is.”

This isn’t just a problem at LHS. Schools around have reported that lockers are becoming more of a decoration. 

Joe Heim, writer for The Washington Post, interviews students in different states and finds that students prefer to carry their belongings around them because it’s easier, in which students surveyed at LHS reported the same reasons.

So what does this mean for the infrastructure of future schools? 

Due to our modern society and great use of technology, designing schools with lockers in the hallways may not be a necessity anymore. 

“If most of the work students do is on chromebooks, then schools don’t need lockers unless they have textbooks-then that might be hard to carry around,” senior Krystyna Sowa said. 

Some students surveyed mentioned that their locker may be useful in the winter time to store their jacket. Others use it to put their sports gear away. For the most part, students do not plan on using their lockers in the future. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to lockers and embrace the empty hallways?