What’s in the mystery meat?

Students express displeasure with school lunches


Ella Murray

Different lunches, such as the chicken tenders, are served to students with a bag of chips and choice of water, juice or milk.

Due to the pandemic and constantly changing CDC guidelines, the way lunch is experienced is different for both students and staff. To maintain a six foot distance between students, the traditional tables have been removed and replaced with rows of desks. Two alternative lunch locations, CITGO and the PAC lobby, have been added to reduce the number of students in the Commons. 

All grade levels agreed that the provided school lunches do not meet expectations and do not satisfy the needs of hungry students. 

After surveying over 200 students, 46.9% said that they do not enjoy the lunches that are provided by the school. The favorite lunch is the Bosco Sticks, and in contrast the least favorite are the hot dogs and cheese quesadilla. 

Ella Murray

“It seems like the same lunches are in rotation every two weeks, and I can get kinda sick of the same things all the time,” said freshman Claire Young.

In comparison to previous years, the current lunches have been limited to just one food option for each day due to the pandemic. Students of all grade levels have expressed their displeasure with the provided lunches and lack of options and diversity. 

Junior Angelina Ilic said, “They don’t taste good and are very unhealthy and bland. I feel sick after eating the school lunch sometimes and the vegan option just isn’t cutting it 5 days a week.” 

With the lack of lunch options that are provided, student’s with allergies or  special diets and meal plans have issues with what they can and cannot eat. On days that meat is served, a vegan option is offered, which is an Uncrustable.

“The meat is an odd color, and sometimes it can be cold,” said junior Raelynne Gahr.

Many students complain about how the food is cooked and even served after the expiration date. Some students have even claimed that they have gotten sick from eating the provided lunches.

Junior Meda Rodukas said, “I understand the cafeteria staff are doing their best with the resources provided, however, I feel as though the quality of the lunches have decreased compared to before COVID.”

Although many students believe that the lunches are not ideal, the cafeteria staff are working hard to provide students with food everyday.