Science electives: what can you take next year?


Logan Kearns, Staff Writer

Soon the time will be here when students get to pick their classes for next year. Whether you are going to be a sophomore, junior, or senior, picking classes can be fun but also stressful. If you are thinking about taking a science elective, then you have come to the right article. 

The science department offers a wide variety of different science classes that one can take. From AP level classes to moderately paced ones, the science department has something for everyone. 

Zoology is one of the classes that is available to juniors and seniors. 

Julia Phelan, a senior enrolled in the class said, “In Zoology we lecture on topics about animals and do worksheets and labs.” 

Zoology is taught by Mr. Plotke and the class is considered one of the most fun and interesting to take. 

“One cool thing about Zoology is that we get to dissect a bunch of animals like sharks and frogs!” Plelan said. “The class is relaxed and I like the open-environment Mr. Plotke provides.”

Zoology is just one class that the science department offers. Classes for juniors and seniors include AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biotechnology and many more. Future sophomores can sign up to take classes like AP Physics 1, Field Ecology, Chemistry, and Physics. 

All these classes and so many more are very appealing to students at LHS. It is strongly recommended that students take multiple years of science classes  if they are interested in a career in science or math. 

If you need more information, visit the school website, go to the academics tab, and click the program of studies. You can then find a list and description of every class that Lemont offers to students. Or you can talk to  your teachers and counselors about what they would recommend.