Spring has arrived; here are a few things you can do


Gabriella Estrada, Staff Writer

Spring Cleaning-

After months of work, school, and practice I’m sure your room or space has gotten out of hand, I know mine has. Take a break to get readjusted and deep clean. After a few hours of cleaning you’ll have a spotless space, you’ll feel great and have the rest of the day to do whatever you want. 


Take a trip to the city-

We live only a short distance from one of the greatest cities. Take advantage of the great weather to explore it. There are so many great things to do there and so many things to see, so if weather permits I recommend taking a drive and exploring the great food, amazing museums and beautiful sites Chicago has to offer.


Go to a forest preserve- 

Perhaps the drive to the city is too long, or maybe you’re not a city person. How about staying close and taking a ride to a nearby forest preserve. You can walk, run, or bike down the trails and enjoy nature, or sit and read a book while taking in the fresh air, the choice is yours.


Go shopping- 

Shopping is always available, there’s so many places you can spend your money it’s great. It’s always great to go to the mall on a day with nice weather, and even better if it’s an outdoor mall. There are a few malls near lemont but if you’re looking for an outdoor mall I recommend Oakbrook. 


Spend time outside- 

As the weather warms up it seems like our opportunities do too. There are so many activities to do, the possibilities are endless. Try something new that involves the outdoors, take a hike, go camping or simply just sit on your porch and read a book. You can play catch or kick a ball with some friends but the more the sun comes out the more you should go out.