Wrap yourself in new delicious food


Logan Kearns

The line for the wrap lunch option extends past the walls of the Deli and Salad Bar as students anticipate a delicious meal.

Logan Kearns, Staff Writer

On March 14, the cafeteria staff introduced the old lunch options back into the lunchroom, including the infamous make your own wrap station. Students were excited to see the return of one of their favorite lunch options at school. 

“I’m super excited because I love the wraps and the spicy chicken and caesar dressing are my favorite things in the lunchroom,” said senior Van Gaetto. 

However with the new excitement on the wraps being back, students note that the line has become increasingly long. “It takes forever to get my wrap, I wish the line would move faster,” said Gaetto. 

Although the wait is long, students continue to get the wrap lunch option due to its delicious flavors and variety of options that they have. Because of the long lines and the high demand for wraps, some students wonder if the Deli should expand. 

“The grill and bake has two lines, but I think one of them should be another Deli line to make the wrap making go faster,” said senior Megan Hendry. 

The students will love the wraps no matter the wait time and are grateful for their return this spring. Senior Corrin Smith loves the wraps so much that she gets them almost every day. “I love them [wraps] so much and with extra extra pickles,” said Smith.