Cavetown captivates Chicago during 2022 tour


Ella Murray

Cavetown playing the ukulele during “Hug All Ur Friends”

Ella Murray, Staff Writer

On April 23, Cavetown played his 2022 tour at the Riviera Theater. Cavetown or Robin (Robbie) Daniel Skinner announced the tour on Nov. 15 2021. 

The tour opened with singer Addison Grace, who I unfortunately was unable to see perform since I had arrived later. When I got into the venue the other opener, Tessa Violet was singing some of her songs. Before going to the concert I had little knowledge of who Violet was but I really enjoyed her voice in her energy. 

The concert started at 7:30 p.m., but Cavetown did not go on until 9:25 p.m. He opened with the song “Fool” from the album “Lemon Boy”, released in 2018. 

Throughout the night the crowd did not disappoint. They were alive and screaming, while being respectful at the same time. I really liked how every few songs Cavetown would stop to make sure everyone was ok and how they even handed the crowd bottles of water. 

The show was very active and there were no dead moments. Most of Cavetown’s songs are slower paced and are considered to be sad songs. But during the concert, those same songs were changed to be upbeat. One example of this would be “Lemon Boy” which is traditionally slower, but they made it very fun. 

Cavetown performed a total of 16 songs and even came back on stage for an encore, where he sang one of his most famous songs, “Devil Town”.

My favorite songs that they performed were “Hug All Ur Friends”, “Sweet Tooth” and “Devil Town”. Cavetown had so much energy throughout the entire performance and I was extremely happy with how the night had gone.