Science Club plans to reintroduce recycling


Science club members collect recycling throughout the school to combat expenses.

Anna Swenson, Staff Writer

Science Club is working towards updating recycling methods throughout the school. Currently recycling cans are located in classrooms but are not found in rooms like the Commons, PAC and gym. With the push for sustainability, the Science Club’s hope is to educate students about recycling and promote green practices.

Science Club’s Vice President Aleksa Kirkus said, “The main problem is that people don’t know how to recycle or there is a lack of care. Many schools around the country no longer have a recycling program because it costs money when the garbage and recycling aren’t properly distributed.” 

The school was being charged a $250 to $300 fee because of trash in the recycling cans. The recycling service often had to sort through bins to ensure that only recyclable materials were present. This resulted from the lack of proper recycling etiquette from students and faculty. 

Principal Michaelson is in full support of recycling and said, “There has to be ownership from the students to help us out, either with signage or education of the students.” 

He feels that recycling is an important issue and if the Science Club is able to combat these extra charges he is happy to help where he can. 

The Science Club’s main plan is to create infographics and presentations to educate students on proper recycling etiquette. This includes tasking club members with monitoring recycling bins during lunch and sorting through the trash to decrease previously seen sorting expenses.

Kirkus said, “Hopefully with signs, infographics, and volunteers sorting the materials, we can get this program started.”

On top of this the club plans to educate teachers about how to properly recycle so that these green standards can be promoted throughout the school. With everyone’s cooperation the club hopes that they will be able to reintroduce recycling at Lemont High School.