Central School reopens its doors after being closed for over a decade


Ella Murray

Central School is located on McCarthy Road and is attended by fourth and fifth grade students.

Ella Murray, Web Editor

After being closed and abandoned for over a decade, Central School had reopened its doors for the 2022-23 school year. The school originally closed in 2011 after a unanimous 7-0 vote by the District 113A Board of Education. 

Superintendent Anthony McConnell said, “Central School was reopened so that our district could have more space and classrooms. This allowed us to lower class sizes and begin a full-day kindergarten program.”

The school officially opened to students on Aug. 17 and is attended by fourth and fifth graders. Along with the multiple changes to the building’s exterior, the school has had a complete update to its technology. 

“Some of the school may seem familiar but we have really done a complete modernization. There are seven classroom additions, a new innovation lab, and all the classrooms and spaces such as art and music have been updated,” said McConnell. 

Being renovated for a year, a 9,000 square foot addition has been made to the school along with a new playground and completely new entrance to the building. The school now includes 23 classrooms, a music room, library, gymnasium, art room and more. 

McConnell said, “One thing special about Central [School] is its place in the heart of the community. Central [School] is a place a lot of parents and community members attended so reopening it has been special for them.”

The change to the new school has been challenging for the staff, students and families that attend the grade school. Despite this, McConnell said, “Students have done great with the transition.” They look forward to a successful school year.