“It’s time to BeReal”- A unique, filter-free way to know what your peers are up to


Ella Murray

“BeReal helps people see that not everyone has super fun, exciting days like you may think,” said junior Gabriella Abbott.

Ella Murray, Web Editor

BeReal is an app that was released in 2020, but gained major popularity this past summer. BeReal sends out one notification every day at a random time for you to take a picture with your front and back camera in a two minute time period. In order to see what your friends post, you have to take a photo yourself. After taking a picture, you can look through your friends’ posts and react to theirs using ‘real emojis’ which is another picture of you. 

“I enjoy the ability to react to all your friends [posts], but only by posting a picture of your own. Also, the fact that BeReal can only be used once a day, brings anticipation,” said sophomore Simas Dyglys. 

After surveying over 100 LHS students of all grade levels, 67.6% have the app. 53.3% of students use BeReal everyday, 9.5% use it often, 4.8% use the app rarely and 32.4% of students never use it. 

Freshman Matthew O’Boyle said, “I think BeReal is a good way to show that nobody is always perfect and it gives people a chance to show their true self.” 

Although most students think that the app is “Fun and simple, has no harm,” said senior Daniel Irace, some do not like the app. 32.4% of students do not think that BeReal is enjoyable, but a majority of these students who gave this answer do not own the app. 

“I actually don’t like the app and how it gives you a specific time that you have to post because I see how my friends stop everything they’re doing just to take photos for the app. This takes away from what they are doing and the people they are with because they are so obsessed with posting selfies,” said freshman Nina Rosati. “However, I do like this app better than Snapchat because it seems like you only get to post once a day and don’t get to be constantly glued to the app.” 

Overall, most students enjoy the app BeReal. They find it is a fun and enjoyable way to interact with their friends once a day. BeReal gives you the ability to see what others are doing without editing or a filter.