Lemont triumphs over Nazareth Academy for the second year in a row


Reagan Russell

Moments before Lemont’s first touchdown and first points scored in the Nazareth Academy vs. Lemont game.

Reagan Russell, Coeditor-in-Chief

After a win against Nazareth Academy in the 2021 season, courtesy of a 50-yard hail mary, Lemont was ready to rematch Nazareth Academy. This was the second non-conference game of Lemont’s season, and their first away game.

Both teams fought to score in the first quarter, but only Lemont was successful. With three minutes left in the quarter senior Nathan Wrublik ran the ball 25 yards allowing Lemont to score their first touchdown and field goal, putting them seven points ahead of Nazareth Academy.

Nazareth Academy caught up to Lemont by the second quarter. With four minutes left Nazareth Academy threw the ball for a touchdown, evening up the game 7-7. However, it did not take long for Lemont to strike back. With 18.6 seconds left in the quarter, senior quarterback Payton Salomon ran the ball to the end zone leaving the game 14-7 at half.

The game was quiet after half-time, until the end of the third quarter. Unable to score a touchdown, Lemont kicks a field goal, moving their score to 17-7. Just as Nazareth Academy gets the ball back, Lemont intercepts the ball with three minutes left. Salomon passed the ball to senior Luke Wallace. Wallace ran the ball 78 yards up the field to score Lemont’s third and final touchdown with two minutes left in the third quarter putting them at 24-17.

A minute into the fourth quarter, Nazareth Academy kicks a field goal to advance their score. The game sat at 24-10 for another seven minutes until Nazareth Academy scored their final touchdown, ending the game 24-17.

Despite Nazareth Academy’s efforts, Lemont remains successful in their battle against them. Lemont is 2-0 on the season so far and is prepared to take on Oak Forest next at home on 9/9.