Seniors get groovy for decade day


Ruby Martinez

Seniors, Jessica Popper, Chanel Kucharkowsi, Julia Pizko, Jaclyn Shoudis, and Elle Jeffress pose for a picture on decade day.

Ruby Martinez, Staff Writer

Students were stoked to hear that they were going to have decade day as one of the themes for their very last spirit week. Each grade was assigned a decade that they would have to dress up as. Freshmen as 2000s, sophomores as1990s, juniors as 1980s and seniors as 1970s. 

Come Wednesday, the atmosphere was playful and exhilarating. Seniors put their all into this day, going as far as coming to school in full wigs or roller skates to exhibit their dedication to winning spirit week. 

Senior, Ava Koutoulogenis said, “seeing everybody laughing with everybody, more people were there in the morning for skits, it was a good vibe.” 

The morning of decade day students piled into the field house to take pictures and do skits for spirit week points. The energy was positive and  spirited, smiles seen from all around. The seniors did a skit to the song YMCA, by Village People,  where half the class ran onto the ‘stage’ and danced in unison. 

Julia Piszko said, “It was a very surreal day, I felt like a celebrity, especially dressed as Elvis Presley. I had teachers in the hallways stopping and laughing at me, it was great.”

Students were exceedingly creative when it came to deciding on outfits. There were a handful of Elvis Presleys seen roaming the school, with the occasional disco dancer rolling through and groups of hippies.

Koutoulogenis said, “I tried to go for more, think of Meryl Streep, and Mamma Mia, like Donna and the Dynamos type of thing, dancing disco.” 

It is clear that the seniors were thrilled to bring the ‘70s back to life. They put their all into coming up with outfits and did the best they could with what they had.