NHS students create empathy cards

Simple way to brighten someone’s day


Reagan Russell

Senior NHS members finished empathy cards consisting of puns, jokes and positive messages.

Reagan Russell, Coeditor-in-Chief

Continuing on from the previous year, NHS chose to plan some events in conjunction with the Ellie Strong Foundation. Ellie Cuiching was an exceptional LHS student who sadly passed away from cancer in 2019. Her foundation was set up in her memory with the goals of helping children and their families who face similar circumstances.

“We have worked with the Ellie Strong Foundation through previous community service chair, Molly Stood. She informed us about this opportunity to hopefully bring a smile to children in the hospital. We were very excited to help out,” said senior empathy chair Ella Devoy.

There have been two empathy card making events so far this year. Both sessions were an hour each. Members could earn hours while working for a good cause. With just two hours of work, 196 cards have been created and are almost ready to be sent out to area children in the hospital.

The cards include anything from puns, positive sayings, jokes, drawings and riddles. Each card has the intention of making someone smile. Even something as small as an index card has the power to make someone’s day.

“Our goal is to have 300 cards by Nov. 1 so that we can really make an impact for these children. We are excited that we are able to take part in this opportunity. The whole goal is just to make a difference for these kids,” said senior empathy chair Agne Malcius.

Every child deserves an empathy card and a chance for a better day. It is hard to know exactly what people are going through and how things are going to impact them. The Ellie Strong Foundation has inspired NHS to continue these events in the future. Make sure to keep an eye out for more information about the empathy cards and little ways you can impact the community.