Cynthia Delude nama-slay’s yoga class


Emily Galassi

Delude keeps the room she uses with her students clean and ready for classes daily.

Emily Galassi, Staff Writer

It all started back when Cynthia Delude was just a student in a yoga class. She adored the way she felt after each session. It took her a while to step out of her comfort zone and try a yoga class, but she knew after her first class this would be something she became passionate about. 

“I didn’t really like yoga when I first started. But when my fitness changed and I got more interested in trying other things, I went back to yoga and that’s when Simply Yoga opened up,” said Delude. 

Delude now has a strong passion for yoga and incorporates it into her daily routine even when she isn’t in front of a class directing it to other students

“After my first class I knew that was something that I really liked and actually envisioned it being taught here, and that’s when I decided to get my certification and become an instructor,” said Delude. 

Now, Delude gets to spend most of her day sharing her passion for yoga with her students along with the hope they end each class with a clear and relaxed mind. She also takes time to incorporate the needs of her students into the daily stretches so they can get what they need out of it.  In the class, Delude takes time to do different balances that’ll help improve each student’s balance along with incorporating slow movements which slows the students’ paces down to get them ready for the day. 

“As the teacher I hope I’m offering the best experience for the students to not only work on the physical side of yoga, but the mental approach as well. So the distress, the clearing of the mind, and the daily, resets,” said Delude.