If you have a bud, tell them to run from Milk Duds

Milk Duds: take them or leave them, and dont let the spiders steal them.

Meghan Wehn

Milk Duds: take them or leave them, and don’t let the spiders steal them.

Meghan Wehn, Staff Writer

When trick or treating this Halloween season make sure to look out for Milk Duds, you wouldn’t want them landing in your candy collection. This candy is a mix between caramel and chocolate, with a chewy texture that causes them to get stuck in your teeth. 

Although Milk duds provide both a salty and sweet taste with the rich caramel and creamy chocolate, they are extremely hard to chew. 

I opened up the small box of Milk Duds, expecting to be wowed, but I realized it only came with four. If you get to choose your candy while trick or treating, I recommend choosing something with a bit more substance. 

Milk Duds, hence the name, do contain milk. So, if you are someone who is lactose intolerant, these are not the candy for you. Personally, there are many more candies worth your taste, that will also not put you in the way of your stomach being upset. 

For me, Milk Duds are definitely a dud, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not you try them.