Help Desk answers tech questions


Michelle Karimpumkalayil

The Help Desk is currently conducting software updates on the spare Chromebooks to allow for its best performance.

Michelle Karimpumkalayil, Staff Writer

The Help Desk is a place where you can get your Chromebook fixed or get loaners if you forgot your Chromebook. However, this is all that most students know about our Help Desk, but there’s more to our resource than what we are aware of.

The Help Desk is actually a class called Technology Internship that students can enroll in if they are interested. Currently, it is run by Bill Mondrella, Erin Hitchcock, and a few students. This semester, Mondrella leads the group on B days and Hitchcock leads the group on G days. The Help Desk is usually available at any time, but the classes are during first and fourth period.  

The Help Desk doesn’t simply just “fix” your Chromebook. They can actually do major repairs on the Chromebook.

 “They can do any repair. They’ll replace the Wi-Fi card, they’ll replace the screen, they’ll replace the Motherboard, the Daughterboard, full keyboard replacement,” said Hitchcock.

In addition to repairing Chromebooks and lending out loaners, the students at the Help Desk also work on individual projects involving technology that interests them. They help out teachers or classes that require technology assistance during the school day.

Furthermore, the Help Desk may not seem to be a major part of school life but it has more impact than it may appear to have. 

“I know last year probably averaged about 25 a day of the daily loaners that we would give out,” said Hitchcock.

Although 25 is not a significant amount considering the amount of students in the school, it is still significant due to how that was a daily total throughout last year showing how there were many students needing the assistance of the Help Desk on a daily basis.

While this resource gives many benefits to the students, the Help Desk actually needs some help from the students as well. Currently, the Help Desk is looking for more students who are interested in technology and potentially even considering it as a career to pursue in the future. 

“We normally ask [that] they certainly talk to their counselors. The prerequisite is that they have taken a tech class in addition to tech concepts, like any of the web design or computer programming courses,” said Hitchcock.

An advice from the Help Desk to students is, “Remember to charge your Chromebook.” 

As always, feel free to contact the help desk by visiting N237 or emailing [email protected] or [email protected] with any questions.