Is it ever too early to be merry? Students weigh in

Put away the pumpkins and bring out the evergreens


Addyson Connolly

While new merchandise and flavors are put out, this often means that fall merchandise is put on clearance so that the shops can get rid of the old stuff to make room for the new stuff.

Addyson Connolly, Staff Writer

With Halloween just ending many people are preparing for a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Whilst they prepare for food comas, many people bring on the holiday season a lot earlier than expected. 

When students walked in on Nov. 1,  they were greeted with Mariah Carey’s hit Christmas song “All I Want For Christmas,” some students groaned and covered their ears as they believed it’s too early for holiday music. 

“It’s silly to listen to Christmas music when there’s another major holiday a whole month before it. Then again there’s like no Thanksgiving music and it doesn’t really matter anyway,” said senior Meda Rudokas. 

Others embraced the music as they walked to their first period class,  some sang along while others just began looking happy for the upcoming season. 

“It’s the instant end of the spooky season and when the radio starts playing it,” said junior Jake Markowski. 

Students are not the only ones listening to Christmas music as soon as November begins. 93.9 FM began to play Christmas music on Nov. 1. 

The spirit is not just limited to people and radio stations. Many companies begin selling holiday merchandise within the first week of November. Starbucks began selling their holiday drinks on Nov. 3, just days after Halloween. 

Many businesses begin to put out there decorations and other holiday merchandise during October to prepare the shops for Christmas shopper

In addition to putting out merchandise many places begin to put out Black Friday commercials to enlighten shoppers on the upcoming deals. 

If you currently go to downtown Chicago you will also see Christmas lights scattered across many trees. Lights began going up in the city on Oct. 30, the day before Halloween. 

Chicago is not the only place that has put up their Christmas lights. In Lemont many light poles and store fronts are decorated for Christmas. 

No matter your opinion, Christmas is creeping up quickly. So grab your fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, cookies, and prepare for seasonal fun.

Addyson Connolly
Santa’s helpers putting up Christmas lights on the trees on E Lake St. (Addyson Connolly)
Starbucks holiday drinks this year included the Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulée Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte, Toasted White Chocolate Mocha. They also released holiday themed bakery treats such as, Chocolate Pistachio Swirl, Reindeer Cake Pop, Sugar Plum Cheese Danish, Cranberry Bliss Bar and Snowman Cookie. (Addyson Connolly)