Benji out: New podcast steps out into spotlight


Nojus Navickas

Senior Benjamin Emini in the CITGO Innovation Academy with the podcasting equipment.

Nojus Navickas, Staff Writer

Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the last several years. As a result, LHS started offering a new semester-long course about the craft of podcasting. It is an elective class that is available to all grade levels with students working together to learn and record many types of podcasts. One of those student-run podcasts is “The Benji Show” a comedy podcast hosted by senior Benjamin “Benji” Emini.

“The Benji Show’s” purpose is to make the listeners laugh. “It’s for fun,” Emini said.

The podcast is available for anyone to listen to on platforms such as Spotify, Podbean and Twitch. He plans to expand into other platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok in the near future.

Emini records, edits and publishes most of his episodes. He used to reach out to sponsorships, but now he has a staff to assist him.  As of November, “The Benji Show” consists of student staff members junior Daniel Taylor, senior Max Kulaga, junior Richard Arnold and senior Josh Szarzynski. Most of them assemble together to record weekly episodes on PLC mornings at the CITGO Makerspace.

For special guests, students could send requests or be invited to hop on the podcast. 

Emini said, “I’d prefer students to ask me personally or just email me. I’ll talk to all the staff and we’ll set up a time for the student(s) to come in and get interviewed. Also, I’d suggest having your own topic to talk about on “The Benji Show.’”

The podcasting course is only a semester long, which leaves fans wondering the fate of the podcast.

Benji said, “We’re having so much fun with it. “The Benji Show” will definitely last through 2023. All of us are having so much fun and we want to see how far we get with “The Benji Show.’”

A lot of unannounced, exciting events are planned behind the scenes for “The Benji Show” and a bright future is ahead.

The podcast is filled with many types of personalities and stories to keep the listeners and viewers entertained. Their goal is to build a larger following and audience on media platforms to build up more sponsors. So give “The Benji Show” a shot, it won’t let you down!