Candy Corn is the most a-maze-ing part of the fall season


Emily Galassi

The Candy Corn colors help reflect the fall energy brought to Candy Corn lovers.

Emily Galassi, Staff Writer

With the fall season flying by, many people end it without having their yearly fix of the mouth watering Candy Corn. This candy is only available through the months of January through December. Although it doesn’t strike many people’s taste buds, it still brings great joy to the ones who appreciate the one of a kind taste that no other candy can even come close to, with the creamy fondant and the rich sugary marshmallow taste. 

Senior Grace Marusarz said, “Candy corn is probably one of my favorite candies to have around fall and I always go to Target with my mom to buy some as soon as I hear they’re out,” 

With everyone’s preferences, some describe Candy Corn as too sweet. But the bright fall colors of orange, yellow and white help persuade people to have a couple pieces. 

“I can only have a few pieces at a time before I have to have water because the flavor is really strong and my mouth feels dry after,” said Grace Marusarz. 

Many people who share a love for Candy Corn are also the ones who wait all year around for fall to hit. Some may even say fall without Candy Corn is like trees without leaves. Candy Corn is the missing piece to fall. Even the colors reflect the fall leaves, leaving people’s mouths watering and begging for more until the whole bag is left empty on the counter for your family to come rushing down with the desire to have some sweet Candy Corn and finding it empty. But that’s not a worry considering you can quickly grab your shoes, keys and jacket to rush to the store to get more for the whole family to feast on together after a long stressful day.