Fans are “Hopelessly Devoted” to Harry Styles this Halloween


Jaymie Skowera

Harry Styles singing his hit song, “Golden” at the Kia Forum for his annual production of Harryween.

Ruby Martinez, Staff Writer

Artist Harry Styles performed on Oct. 31 at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. He has started a tradition called “Harryween” where he conducts a concert in a popular city, such as LA or New York City. This is a festive day for all Harries, where those attending will dress in their most eccentric costumes. 

Last year Styles held two Harryween shows back to back. Fans were shocked when they saw him appear on stage as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”. On night two his admirers were amazed yet again to see that Styles managed to fool them not once, but twice, when he came out in a full clown costume. 

Ava Jotautas said, “Harry’s Dorothy costume last year was top tier and I honestly had no idea what costume he could wear to top it.”

This year fans were coming up with every possibility of what he could dress up as. There were theories circulating that he was going to be either Lydia from “Beetlejuice” or even Beetlejuice himself. As usual, he proved everyone wrong again. 

Styles entered the stadium through the middle of the stage, as usual. When he emerged from the ground, the blood curdling screams from fans could be heard for miles. Everyone was in awe to see him channeling his inner Danny Zuko from the hit movie-musical, “Grease”. 

“I loved his costume, and I loved the way he added his own little touch to it. Like the red sparkly ‘H-Ween’ on his jacket. He put his all into it which made it even more perfect,” said Jotautas. 

Styled by Harry Lambert, he wore a leather jacket with the word “H-WEEN” and a strawberry bedazzled on its back, with black jeans and a studded black tank top with the same word, “Harryween,” written across the back. Fans were surprised to find out he was actually wearing a black wig and hadn’t just sprayed his hair with temporary dye. 

He didn’t just stop there though, he paid homage to Olivia Newton-John, when the first few notes of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” rang throughout the stadium. The sentiment could be felt by everyone in attendance as images of Newton began to be projected on the jumbotron. During his performance he would occasionally be seen doing some iconic Danny Zuko dance moves seen throughout the film, such as the hand jive. 

Harry’s execution of Travolta’s character and overall performance demonstrates a diverse wide range of talents as a performer who steps outside the box, giving everyone a show worth experiencing.