Bones and All: One of the best romantic dramas of 2022


Greta Horn

One of Maren and Lee’s first interactions as they have breakfast at a small diner.

Greta Horn, Staff Writer

Taylor Russel and Timothee Chalamet take on the movie adaptation of the book, “Bones and All,” a love story following two cannibals on their journey to find who they are. Directing this movie is Luca Guadagnino, most known for his film, “Call Me by Your Name” also starring Chalamet.

The film had its private premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 2. “Bones and All” had its public release for New York and California on Nov. 18, while Nov 22 was when the rest of the world got to experience this film.

The film follows two young adults, Maren and Lee, as they try to figure out how to live their lives, while also dealing with a cannibalism addiction. As Maren and Lee help each other deal with their issues, they begin to fall in love because they can only truly understand each other.

Throughout the film, Maren and Lee meet other people that share the same interests as them and get to see how people have coped with the same addiction that they struggle with. The characters also share their family trauma and how the idea of being a cannibal came about.

This movie was definitely a little hard to watch in the beginning, while you are getting used to the fact that it is a romance movie that is about cannibalism. Similar to the hit movie, “Fresh” also released in 2022.

After the romance begins to unfold though, as a viewer, you find yourself wanting Maren and Lee to find their happy ending and to get over their cannibalism ideals. This allows you to comprehend the film in a much larger capacity.

Once you can truly comprehend the meaning of the movie, it is definitely worth the watch and will be a movie theater experience that you truly will not regret.