Famed chef Gordon Ramsay brings city-based restaurant to suburbs of Naperville


Ava Amato

39th West Jefferson Ave. will be home to Ramsay’s Kitchen in Downtown Naperville, Illinois. The space was previously a Ted’s Montana Grill which shut down during COVID-19.

Ava Amato, Staff Writer

Famous chef Gordan Ramsay has confirmed that the third Ramsay’s Kitchen will be located in the town of Naperville, Illinois. This new Naperville restaurant is located at 39th West Jefferson Ave. and is planned to open this spring.  

The chef owns two Ramsay’s Kitchens, one being in Las Vegas and the other in Boston. The third restaurant’s location is very different, considering Naperville’s smaller population size. The placement of the restaurant can be a more affordable and accessible option for Ramsay fans. 

“People that don’t have the money to fly all the way to Vegas will want to go somewhere closer,” said freshman Alexis Johnson, who dined at Ramsay’s Kitchen’s Las Vegas location.

Chicago is home to Gordon Ramsay Burger, located on 2 East Ontario St. This restaurant opened late 2021, being Chicago’s first and only Ramsay restaurant. The restaurant features mainly burger dishes, which is different from Ramsay’s Kitchens which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a wide variety of dishes. This makes residents question why the chef would open a restaurant in the suburbs and keep a small-menu burger joint in Chicago. 

“A lot of people have moved out of the city to the suburbs, so they have been trying to build up the suburbs to be more like Chicago,” Chicago resident Melissa Chmielewski said.

Chicago residents moving to the suburbs has caused areas like downtown Naperville to open more restaurants and shopping centers in hopes of building up the town to accommodate its new residents. 

“Residents want a restaurant scene, something similar to the city,” said Chmielewski. “Naperville has a downtown area where people can embrace that with the restaurants.”

Downtown Naperville has been voted “one of the nation’s best suburban downtowns” according to the town’s official website, downtownnaperville.com. This seems to prove why such a famous chef, like Ramsay, would put a restaurant in the area. 

Despite the amazing food chef Ramsay sells, some believe that this new restaurant will not live up to the heat of the other two previously opened spots. 

“I absolutely loved my experience at Ramsay’s Kitchen. The service was amazing,” said Johnson. “The food came out very fast and was extremely well executed. I do, however, believe that it’s going to be difficult to beat the other restaurants, like the one in Las Vegas.”