Party it up with Parry in modern fiction


Julia Mielczarek

Mrs. Parry with only a few books from her personal library that is always open for students, even if you are not taking modern fiction. “I want students to have fun in an English class again! Good story-telling is all around us in movies, comics, novels, short stories, poetry, commercials, song lyrics, etc,” Parry said.

Julia Mielczarek, Staff Writer

As the time for choosing classes comes to its peak, almost everyone is looking for a class that can relieve the stress of their schedules and balance out their tough classes. If reading for enjoyment, having student choice and learning in a relaxed environment is something you are interested in, modern fiction is the perfect class to add to your schedule.

While involving fun and unique lessons from literary lenses to fairy tales, Jeana Parry’s Modern Fiction class is mainly about helping students fall back in love with reading and English. It is no surprise that high schoolers learn to despise reading when their experience with books has consisted of Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.

“In my 20 years of teaching, I have always been devastated by the amount of my students who say they used to love reading and then it became more like a chore,” Parry said. “I am incredibly passionate about giving students the opportunity to read in class and more importantly to choose what they would like to read.”

Not only is Parry’s dream to get students to fall in love with reading again, but this dream has become a reality for many. 

Senior Neha Samuel, student of modern fiction last semester, said, “I really enjoyed having a designated time in class for reading. It was a class that I would always look forward to if I had a busy schedule and it’s very student-choice based.”

If you are not convinced yet, maybe the scientific benefits of reading for fun will convince you. There have been countless studies that have proven the importance of reading what you love, especially for teenagers.

“By giving students the opportunity to read novels of their own selection, it will naturally increase students’ self-esteem, critical and analytical thinking skills, improve concentration and memory, advance their vocabulary, and most importantly…it provides a relaxing escape from the constant stress of being a teenager in today’s society,” Parry said.

Even if reading is not your thing, Parry makes sure to diversify her lessons and make every class new and exciting. 

To sum it up, Parry said, “Modern Fiction is a stress-free, self-paced, and relaxing class allowing for student choice to rekindle a love for reading and appreciation of good story-telling in all formats.”

So let your counselor know that modern fiction will be on your schedule for next year and get ready to dust off that book you have been planning to read.