Math teacher Panek divides her energy throughout the school


Emily Galassi

Panek greets her students as they come into her class.

Emily Galassi, Staff Writer

Along with her welcoming energy, math teacher Lauren Panek takes everyday as a fresh start with new learning opportunities. To start off her day, the first thing she loves to do is spend some time with her dog Tucker, who is a very happy chocolate lab and appreciates all the attention and scratches he gets. With Panek having a busy day ahead of her, she finds joy in the small things that make up her whole day. 

“I always stop at Dunkin before work and get the same order everyday. A vanilla cold brew with vanilla cold foam and it is my favorite ever,” said Panek. 

She starts off her day in the cave, which entails tutoring students who need help in math, planning her classes, checking in on grades, and then always tries to find time with other math teachers and talk about their class plans for the following period. 

On top of being a star teacher, she is also the girls softball coach and takes great pride in her team. During her free time, she is constantly looking into softball while updating their social media accounts that she runs. 

Panek enjoys being connected with other teachers and having them be a part of her day. She loves the fact that she can talk to teachers of other subjects and get an understanding on what they’re doing. She always makes time for short check-ins to see how their classes are going either before or during her lunch. 

“I always make sure I eat lunch in the cafeteria, that’s kind of a lost thing that teachers don’t do that often but it’s nice to escape and see other teachers from other subjects.” Said Panek. 

After a long day at work, when Panek gets home she is greeted by her fiance, who she recently got engaged to, and Tucker who also helps her decompress from her day and relaxes with him, unless he insists on playing catch or frisbee before bed.