“It’s Lavender, and it’s hazy”: Taylor Swift drops her newest music video and leaves fans everywhere piecing together her puzzles


Julia Macari

Swift gracefully awakes in a lavender pond as the world around her becomes quite “hazy”.

Julia Macari, Staff Writer

After watching Taylor Swift’s third “Midnights” music video released on Jan. 27, many fans speculated that the ‘Midnight’s era’ is like something she’s never done before. With shadowy color schemes, simple outfits and compelling new meanings, the entire video was very different from her other projects. Many fans can quickly assume what most of her videos suggest, but “Lavender Haze” is much different.

Recently, Swift revealed on Twitter that this is the first music video of the three released (Anti-Hero, Bejeweled and Lavender Haze) that she had written. This means that it’s full of what “Swifties” like to call “easter eggs”:secret messages about the video’s deeper meaning, who the songs are about and what Swift is up to. One post can send theorists into a spiral.

The most prevailing topic surrounding the music video is actually the day she announced it. Swift announced the drop of “Lavender Haze”  exactly two hours after her ex-boyfriend John Mayer released his Solo tour. This choice caused many avid fans to think Swift’s next re-recorded album might be “Speak Now”.  The “Speak Now” album includes the songs “Dear John”, “The Story of Us” and “Superman” all presumed to be written about Mayer. While the release date might have no deeper meaning after all, seeing the two Tweets right alongside each other is certainly funny.

Now, let’s dive into the actual video. At first glimpse, its darker aesthetic prevails, but many connections have been made to previous work Swift has done. Some include the reference to the song “Cardigan” as she “draws stars” on her love interest’s back and the coy fish from her “Bejeweled” video. Another example is in the very beginning of the video when actor and model Laith Ashley who played the weathermen and her love interest is described as “the guy on the screen”, which ties back to her song “Karma.” Though the music video might just be as straightforward as her relationship with Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift always means more.