New SAT preparation class provided for students


Addyson Connolly

Excel Edge started in the late 1980’s and is still here to this day.

Addyson Connolly, Staff Writer

As students begin to study for the SAT, many turn to programs to help them prepare for the stressful test. Starting this year, LHS is providing SAT 1600 through the company Excel Edge Inc. The course allows students to attend a class relatively close to home, as it will be held at school. 

The official announcement came out on Nov. 17, 2022. This also marked the beginning of the registration for the class. Registration ended Jan. 13 with a total of 90 students officially registered for the class. The class cost $325 to be in and it comes with a textbook and a practice SAT. 

“We know people can’t spend thousands of dollars on test prep classes, so we aren’t too expensive but we still have very good results,” said Director Marcy Paddock.

There are two “sessions” that the students can be in which are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Both provide the same content but allow students flexibility to which day they will be in. Their sessions last from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

The Tuesday session started Jan. 31 and ends on March 14. The Wednesday session started Feb. 1 and will end on March 15.

For the first week of the class the students will focus on specific content, but after that the class focuses on strategy to help students score well. Students will take a pre-test and then the teachers review the missed questions. 

“We really work on pacing because sometimes most students don’t finish it because it is so fast,” said Paddock.

In addition to the in class work, the students will also be given homework after each class. 

“The more problems they can see and do, the better off they will be for the SAT,” said Paddock.

The company will be providing teachers for the sessions, all teachers that are hired by the company are Math and English certified. 

Paddock said, “The vast majority of them are people who work during the day.”