Let’s break-down the Brits

Julia Macari, Staff Writer

Since the 2023 Brits came to a close on Feb. 11, we can finally dig deep into this year’s winners. Each category is very similar to the GRAMMYs, but based on British opinions. Though many awards were up for grabs the biggest focuses include “Rising Star”, “Song of the Year”, “Breakthrough Artist”, “International Group”, “British Album”, “British Group”, “International Artist”, “Pop/R&B Act”, “Alternative/Rock Act” and “International Song.”

This year’s big winner was Harry Styles, winning all four of his nominations. He took home the awards for “Album of the Year”, “Best Artist”, “Best Pop Act” and “Song of the Year.” Many say he sweeped the Brits and the GRAMMYs as Styles won the most prestigious award, “Album of the Year”, at both shows. Spectators agree his hit single “As It Was” really brought the album to where it is today after it trended all over social media and became one of his most streamed songs yet. 

“I saw Harry’s House live when he was in Chicago and it was phenomenal, his community that he builds deserves all the awards he can get,” sophomore Molly Biscan said.

Another band recognized at the Brits was the rising group Wetleg who won “Best New Artist” and “Group of the Year.” They just released their debut album last April and plan to tour with Styles throughout his European tour. Their songs spread widely over the world after artists like Styles and Lizzo recognized their music and covered it at BBC Radio.

Most artists agree that the Brits is their favorite award show as it is much less stressful than the GRAMMYs and has a less toxic environment. The Brits provoke little to no anger from extreme fans after an award is announced, unlike the GRAMMYs, where people will go to the point of heckling in the audience. Musicians get to fully enjoy the award show experience at the Brits while everyone relaxes. 

Though the Brits might not be as highly praised as the Gs, it is definitely a fun show for artists and fans alike.