Titanic sails back into theaters for 25th anniversary


Wikimedia Commons

The boat used in filming was approximately 90% the scale from the original boat that sank.

Greta Horn, Staff Writer

Whether you have seen the film or not, everyone knows the heartbreaking story of “Titanic.”  The film starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio follows two guests on board the Titanic ship when it sank in 1912.

This film, released in 1997, quickly became a fan favorite and won 11 Academy Award nominations. “Titanic” is also third on the box office list, grossing over $2.19 billion. For the first time in 25 years, “Titanic” is coming back to theaters to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  

“Titanic” will return on Feb. 10, and will be shown in 2D as well as 3D. The film will also be shown in 4K quality to enhance the viewers experience.The last update to the film is a new movie poster created just for this occasion, replacing the original poster from 1997.

The comeback of this legendary film gives people all over the world the opportunity to see the film in theaters if they were too young the first time it came out, or if they just have not gotten the chance to watch it at all. 

“I have never seen the original version of ‘Titanic’, so I am really excited to possibly go out to the movie theaters for the first time seeing it,” sophomore Tessa Preuss said.  

Along with the film revisiting theaters, an event called “LA. Titanic: The Exhibition” is being held in California to honor its 25th anniversary.  There are over 300 real artifacts on display and a virtual reality experience to truly understand the story of one of the world’s most famous ships.

Although the film may be considered a little lengthy, lasting over three hours, definitely try to get out to rewatch this iconic, record-breaking film on the big screen again.  No matter who you go with to watch this film, you are sure to feel a rush of emotions.