Earth’s temperature on rise, but steps can be taken to help



Using multiple scientific research sources, a pattern can be seen globally.

Salvatore Ricobene, Staff Writer

Global Warming is becoming an alarming situation for activists, scientists and politicians alike. Every decade since 1880, the average temperature has risen 0.14 F according to NOAA’s 2021 annual Climate Report. That means, since 1880, the world’s temperature has risen a lot. While this number may appear negligible, its adverse effects run rampant in many countries. 

Over the past 200 years, hundreds of heat waves have annihilated vulnerable areas, but the hottest years ever recorded come after 2010.

But how does this apply to hometown Illinois? 

According to the state climatologist report, in recent years, the average temperature may have seemed nice to some, such as in areas like Chicagoland that do not usually reach 90 degrees Farenheit in the summer, but it is rising at alarming rates in other areas. This all boils down to polar ice caps melting and less snowfall every winter which lead to higher sea levels, more drastic temperature changes, more natural disasters, and harm to ecosystems globally.

Despite these complications, it is possible to slow down the process and cool down the world even through small steps. 

“Education is a big deal with climate change. People don’t know the specifics of it. Voting for politicians that will help prevent it in Lemont is good too,” said environmental science teacher Karen Aleman. “Drive more fuel efficient cars, don’t eat beef, thrift instead of buying new stuff all the time. Recycl[e] paper and aluminum, [and] plant native plants.” 

These small steps, if practiced enough by enough  people, can bring big effects to the way our planet changes by sustaining natural resources vital to our survival and sustaining plant and animal life across the globe.

Taking AP Environmental Science, a class that teaches you about the environment and how to protect it, can shed a new light on your involvement on our planet and preserving its natural goodness.