Morgan Wallen does it again with ‘One Thing at a Time’

36 song album does not disappoint


Big Loud Records

Morgan Wallen releases his third album “One Thing at a Time” following his previous albums “Dangerous” and “If I Know Me.”

Reagan Russell, Coeditor-in-Chief

Morgan Wallen managed to create another amazing album. Following his 2021 double album “Dangerous,” Wallen released “One Thing at a Time” on Friday, March 3. With 36 songs, it covers almost any mood you may be in and is a must-listen. 

This album is the perfect balance of upbeat and mellow. Whether you are getting over a breakup or are just looking for a good time, there are plenty of songs for you. Although this is a country album, there is a large hip-hop/pop element to it. It is not something I would consider to be true country, but that does not discredit the album as a whole. 

Each song painted a vivid picture in my mind. My personal favorites are “Tennessee Numbers,” “‘98 Braves,” “Thought You Should Know” and “Money on Me.” I could appreciate the depth behind the lyrics and you could tell how thought out every word was. Wallen has released songs about his life before, but I feel these are his most personal songs thus far.

Wallen wanted to highlight the highs and lows of his current life to prove to his fans that he has grown throughout the past couple of years. Wallen’s growth as an artist and a person is most evident in this album. 

With that being said, the lyrics are not super diversified. Keith Whitley, Tennessee, heartbreak, cowgirls, the list goes on. You can not escape the common themes Wallen uses throughout his songs. They may start to blend together after a while, but his music would not be the same without it. 

I can already anticipate this album being the soundtrack to late summer nights and time spent with friends. If you are looking for any new music or just a country music fan, make sure to check out Wallen’s “One Thing at a Time.”