Local animal rescue Ruby Whiskers changes lives, one pet at a time


Ava Amato

Animal rescues, like Ruby Whiskers, allow animals to find safe and forever homes where they can be their playful selves.

Ava Amato, Staff Writer


Ruby Whiskers Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization based in Lemont where they rescue, vet and rehome animals in need. Kimberly Arias is the founder of the rescue where she puts passion and time into helping animals. 

“Ruby Whiskers started because I wanted to do something that I felt mattered and would make a difference in the world,” Arias said. 

Fostering is a large part of Ruby Whiskers’ work. Through their website, people can apply to foster dogs or cats, where the easy process ensures animals will have a happy, safe environment until they find their forever home. 

“It [social media] is key to raising awareness on how important it is to become a foster, due to the overcrowding of shelter animals not only locally but in some of our partner shelters in Kentucky and Arkansas,” Arias said. 

To get the information out about fostering animals in need, the rescue uses social media. They post different animals in need as well as upcoming fundraisers. Their platforms, like rubywhiskers.org, also allow people to donate and adopt.

“It is our voice to the public,” Arias said. “Social media is our number one outlet to get the work out about anything RWAR (Ruby Whisker Animal Rescue) is needing, working on and advertising. We heavily rely on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to get the word out. I’m not sure we would have saved 816 animals in two years without social media and our website.”

With social media being a large part of Ruby Whiskers’ mission, word of mouth is also what brings animals and people together. 

“I heard about Ruby Whiskers from numerous people. Facebook was also a huge deciding factor on me adopting a kitten. After seeing their website with their heartwarming goals, I knew it was the perfect place for me to adopt a new family member,” adopter Alyse Basic said. 

Not only are dogs and cats considered pets, but they are also best friends and family. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pets can help manage loneliness and depression with their companionship. Like a bestfriend or a close family member, pets provide their owners with love.

“Pets and animals in general show unconditional love. They are forgiving and more loyal than any person can be,” Basic said.

Considering how many animals are out there worthy of love and not receiving it, places like Ruby Whiskers Animal Rescue are so important to communities. Without organizations that open up their hearts and doors for causes like these, many people would never get the life-changing opportunity to adopt an animal and in turn, save its life.

Putting in a hand to organizations like Ruby Whiskers Animal Rescue will give strength to communities. Volunteering, donating, event help, adopting, fostering or even just a social media share can make a huge difference everyday to an organization of kind-hearted intent and pure dedication.

“Ruby Whiskers Animal Rescue is my life. I work around the clock, seven days a week running this organization along with an excellent team of people highly dedicated to keeping it running as well,” Arias said.