SPOILER ALERT! Viewers deep dive into more than just Pougelandia

Discovering real treasure of ‘Outer Banks’ season three


Julia Macari and Meghan Wehn

“Outer Banks” just got renewed for its fourth season on Feb. 18; filming will start within the next year. The writers say the pogues are about to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Julia Macari and Meghan Wehn

The fan favorite series “Outer Banks” has returned to Netflix and there is a lot to unwrap. This season has been different from anything audiences have seen before, with much more serious topics and solemn themes.

This season brought plenty of controversy amongst fans, with new characters, new relationships and a whole new plot. With season three, there was not a strong summer atmosphere, but instead a heavy dose of daddy issues. 

The show starts with the pogues stranded on a deserted island and ends with them being filthy rich. They finally get the gold, but not the treasure they first started looking for, or even the second treasure, but rather the third. The grand prize of El Dorado rewarded each pogue with the “full kook” experience. 

Admittedly, it was a weird sensation when the crew finally won after taking loss after loss. For a while, it seemed like they were not even going to get the gold, but instead just learn a valuable lesson. However, they got the best of both worlds.

The character development this season brought closure to all of the pogues and the story, despite the fact they already announced season four. Regardless of his terrible actions, Ward Cameron, played by Charles Esten, arguably had the biggest character arc in the entire series. 

Ward had one of the most noticeable developments amongst his character by starting as a liar and a murderer to eventually becoming a devoted dad who would sacrifice everything for his children.

In past seasons, Ward becomes obsessed with the treasure, relentlessly trying to steal it from the pogues. In this transition, he slowly hinders his relationships with his kids by taking actions he thought would put the treasure in his possession.

As season three continues, he makes efforts to rekindle his connection with his kids, Rafe, played by Drew Starkey, and Sarah, played by Madelyn Cline, in spite of his measures to push them away. By the end of the show, he redeems himself selflessly by taking a bullet for Sarah and dying heroically. 

After being bugged since the release of season one for JJ and Kiara to own up to their feelings, writers John Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke finally caved in with the debut of their relationship. Viewers got to see the tension between JJ, played by Rudy Pankow, and Kiara, played by Madison Bailey, grow as they noticed the romantic attraction they felt towards each other. However, it was not until episode nine that we finally got to see the big kiss.

We see the two grow closer then push away along with many “almost” kisses. After watching the whole season, watchers think it is safe to say that JJ and Kiara finally coming together conjured the most controversy. 

Their whole relationship looked extremely forced. When the kiss finally happened in Kitty Hawk, I was relieved all this “will they, won’t they” drama was over. 

It was obvious Kiara wanted to be with JJ and made this clear to him. JJ on the other hand wanted to be with her but was scared he was not enough, so he pushed her away. Ultimately, I am not convinced this relationship will stick based on how hesitant they were to finally get together.  

Along with new relationships, new characters were also brought in this season. Some of the new characters had big roles while others had very minimal roles. Rafe Cameron was given a love interest, Sofia, played by Fiona Palomo.

Paloma’s role was small but significant. Sofia heavily influenced Rafe’s decisions when she spoke her mind. At the end of season, however, the two were left on a cliffhanger. 

We were informed that “Big John”, John B’s father, played by Charles Halford, was still alive. Big John is one of the most notable characters to recall. 

When Big John and John B, played by Chase Stokes, finally reunited, we were led to believe that Big John was a great father, but as the series continued, he made some stupid choices that ultimately ended up harming John B. When Big John becomes involved with the pogues’ treasure hunt, everything unravels. Big John became gold hungry, similar to Ward in past seasons, and would give up his own son for the gold. 

In all, we thoroughly enjoyed the season despite the change from previous seasons. If you like adventure, romance or treasure hunting, we definitely recommend streaming or rewatching.

You might be a little bothered by Big John and his gold craze or Rafe and his anger issues, but the overall story shows the importance of friendship and loyalty.