School officials’ plans for constructing better learning environments


Michelle Karimpumkalayil

Students feel that the renovations will aid their education and have high hopes for the project.

Michelle Karimpumkalayil, Staff Writer

Students have long been complaining about the outdated and old-fashioned classrooms, cafeteria, fieldhouse and other areas of the building. Luckily, the school has listened to their complaints and already began plans for renovations.  

A committee of teachers from different departments and school officials have been working together in making these renovations possible. The student advisory group has also been a significant part of this effort as well.

“They [the architects] have met with the different departments throughout the buildings,” Principal Eric Michaelsen said. “They’re going to put together a plan [of] what they think makes a little sense to do first, second, third and so on based on the information they have gathered from the different stakeholders throughout the buildings.”

Additionally, according to Michaelsen, some models for the new classrooms include Susan Szafranski’s room and Julie Johnson’s room. Other ideas include, upgraded courtyard, commons, fieldhouse and science labs, as well as more collaborative spaces and cosmetic comfort such as natural lighting and furniture.

Furthermore, John Coneset, one of the heads of the Classroom Physical Environment Committee (CPEC), and Michaelsen believe the renovations may take a few years to complete and some time before it can start. 

“As far as when things can happen…even if we were to start with classrooms, I don’t know if they would be able to get that started until after the next school year,” Michaelsen said. “I think everything takes a bit longer nowadays.”

However, Michaelsen believes the first improvement students will see next school year is better heating and air conditioning systems.

“If they’re going to do a series of classrooms, I can see them being able to do that during the school year if we were to move those classes for that month to another part of the building. I think we’re all going to just have to be a little flexible,” Michaelsen said. 

If you have any ideas or questions, you can reach out to Michaelsen, Coneset or the student advisory group members.