Heaven is a place on earth with Boba


Emily Galassi

There is seating all around while you wait for your fresh goods to come out to you.

Emily Galassi, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for a tasty, surprising local drink, Boba Heaven is the place for you. The options for you to mix and match for the perfect drink are endless, including milk tea, coffees, freezes and even lemonades. The place itself is a very bright, clean place for enjoying a drink. With bright blue lights shining from the street and intriguing people as they drive past. 

“I didn’t know anything about it until my mom told me. After I tried it, I brought my friends and now it’s a place we go every week,” senior Hunter Wilson said. 

Many people aren’t familiar with this place since it is a smaller location.  As soon as you walk in, the fresh fruity smell welcomes you. The location in Palos Park has a tip war between the amount of boys and girls who tip, that they keep track of on a white board where you order; It gives  customers a sort of competition or something to look for when they order. . Boba Heaven also offers a punch card, and after a certain amount of drinks purchased, you receive one free. 

“One of my favorite memories is getting boba and sitting outside with my friends in the summer and just talking,” Wilson said. 

Every boba place is different, especially in terms of taste.  However, Boba Heaven offers a consistently wonderful taste that will continue to brighten your day.