‘The Addams Family’ spooks audiences of all ages

Community members pack auditorium to watch hauntingly entertaining production


Faith Trznadel

The cast featured seniors Stone TeSelle and Camryn Caruso as haunting couple Gomez and Morticia Addams, junior Cora Schaum as the iconic Wednesday Addams, freshman Teagan Lee as the explosive Pugsley Addams, sophomore Shea Holt as the feisty Grandma, junior Max Schuette as the kooky Uncle Fester and sophomore Jameson Porritt on stilts as the seven-foot tall Lurch.

Faith Trznadel, Staff Writer

On May 4-6, the PAC lit up with the “intoxicating smell of the graveyard” as the Drama Club performed their rendition of the 2011 broadway show, “The Addams Family.” The show was certainly a bit spooky, but it actually followed the theme of love, contrary to my expectations.

The show begin with the family in their sacred graveyard where they summoned their ancestors from the grave to celebrate their family tree. The ancestors attempted to return to their eternal rest, but Uncle Fester, played by junior Max Schuette, stopped them and explained how they must assist Wednesday Addams, played by Cora Schaum, in her new relationship with a boy named Lucas Beineke, played by senior Daniel Irace.

The rest of the show followed the extremely unalike Addams and Beineke families as they attempted to come together and get along as their children attempted to break the news of their engagement. Despite the hardships both families faced, the production ended with a massive tango number and a wedding as the families finally overcame their differences.

Morticia Addams, played by senior Camryn Caruso, and Gomez Addams, played by Stone Teselle, certainly stood out the most to me. Both of them portrayed their characters perfectly and helped the show run seamlessly.

“Gomez has probably been one of the hardest characters I have played in my life, he’s very up-tight, strong and crisp, but he also has this soft side. He’s a very dynamic character,” Teselle said. 

From accents up to vocals, “The Addams Family” was undoubtedly a challenge for every actor, yet each managed to pull it off and make the final product look effortless.

“This is definitely a harder show, especially the vocals. In order to do this show you have to be willing to take the creative push to be ‘weird’,” Caruso said. 

This show certainly required actors to be versatile, get comfortable and embrace the creepiness. In spite of the high difficulty level, there was an extreme amount of talent this year among everyone involved, especially the freshmen and newcomers. 

“Everything definitely comes together in the end,” Caruso said. 

Even though the play had to be moved up by two weeks, the performance was absolutely phenomenal and I don’t think the cast could have done it any better than they did.

“There are a lot of emotions being stirred up doing this being my last show. I’ve done musical theater throughout all four years of my high school experience. It’s upsetting that I have to leave,” Caruso said. 

“The Addams Family” musical certainly had everyone bubbling with laughter and watching in awe of the indescribable talent of the cast; the actors and crew both set the bar extremely high for future productions. I had a wonderful time watching and can’t wait to see what these students do next.