What does your mom mean to you?

Students share their stories about their moms


Documenting moments with the ones we care about will always leave us with special memories to look back on. Photos submitted by Emily Perry, Lydia Pelen, Katie Hunt, Adriana Butkeviciute, Layla Topete, Alana Nisperos, Charlotte Drez, Payton LeFevers, Belle Zogby, Toni Sarussi and Kendra Koopman.

Julia Mielczarek, Staff Writer

As another Mother’s Day has come and gone, students still have some words to say to the women who have been their number one fans since day one. 


Who is your mom?

“My mom is astounding, very motivated to work hard, and always making her health a priority. She also has a golden heart because she cooks for me, motivates me, and gives me a lot of love!” – freshman Gavin Rull


“My mom is smart and fiercely loving.” – sophomore Layla Topete


“My mom is such a fun mom. She is very caring and I love her so much.” – junior Claudia Hornik


“She is really hard working and always tries her best to make sure that we have everything that we need. She takes care of us and she is always there for us when we need her.” – junior Helena Panek

“She’s a really kind and caring person and she puts me and my siblings before anything else.” – sophomore Kendra Koopman


“My mom is very loving, caring and very hardworking.” – freshman Bella Kula


“She’s an amazing, wonderful woman.” – sophomore Ze Pack


“My mom is honestly one of my best friends, she is so fun and supportive of not only me and my siblings but my friends as well. She gives the best hugs and always knows how to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day. We are constantly on the same wavelength…except when we aren’t and neither of us know what the other is saying- which is just plain funny.” – junior Payton LeFevers


“She works as a teacher at LHS and she is a great mom because she really lets me make choices for myself and isn’t controlling.” – freshman Isabella Locascio


“She’s super funny and kind.” – senior Amber Arias


“She is the best mom in the world and she makes me smile everyday.” – sophomore Tiandra Robertson


“She has always been there for me, she has helped me become the person I am today, and has also taught me to treat others how they are supposed to be treated.” – senior Kuba Mierzwa


What does your mom mean to you?

“My mom is my life saver! She makes me happy, encourages me to stay motivated, and helps me stay on the path to work hard.” – freshman Gavin Rull


“If it wasn’t for her, I would not be alive. She is my lifesaver.” – junior Claudia Hornik


“She is my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without her.” – sophomore Ze Pack


“My mom means so much to me because she is so kind and thinks about others before anyone else.” – freshman Bella Kula


“She means the world to me because she is always there to help.” – freshman Isabella Locascio


“Everything.” – freshman Kate Malone


“She is a big inspiration in the aspect of her determination but also an example of how not to act with family.” – senior Jimmy Herrera


“She means the entire world to me.” – senior Amber Arias


“She means a lot to me, she has always been there for me throughout mental breakdowns or just proofreading my English essays, I would say that she is my best friend. And you know what they say behind every successful person is a mom.” – junior Helena Panek


“She’s my best friend.” – senior Breann Mooney


“I’m so thankful and proud of her, I think the parents say that they are proud of their kids, but they do not get enough credit, especially our moms.” – senior Kuba Mierzwa


“Everything! She’s the best to binge-watch shows with, gossip about my day with, and the most supportive person at my events/activities. She makes me laugh all of the time and overall just makes me very happy.” – junior Payton LeFevers


If you could tell your mom one thing, what would it be?

“She has a golden heart!” – freshman Gavin Rull


“I would tell her not to worry so much about us.” – junior Helena Panek


“I love you mom.” – junior Claudia Hornik


“Thank you for helping make me into who I am today and showing me how to take care of those I love.” – junior Payton LeFevers


“Sorry my attitude.”- sophomore Natalia Mendez


“Thank you for having immense patience and understanding for not only your kids, but everyone around you.” – sophomore Layla Topete


“Thank you for being there for me when nobody else was.” – sophomore Ze Pack


“I love you, no matter what.” – sophomore Tiandra Robertson


“Thank you for being there.” – sophomore Kendra Koopman


“I would tell her that I appreciate everything she has done for me and that I love her so much!” – freshman Bella Kula


“That I love her and that she is my favorite person and I thank her for always being there for me.” – freshman Kate Malone


“I love you a lot!!!” – senior Amber Arias


“I would tell her I really do appreciate her and everything she’s ever done for me and I love her more than the world.” – senior Breann Mooney


How would you describe your mom?

“My mom is astounding, very motivated to work hard, and always making her health a priority. She also has a golden heart because she cooks for me, motivates me, and gives me a lot of love!” – freshman Gavin Rull


“Funny, brave, pretty, best mom, kind, loving.” – junior Claudia Hornik


“She’s just like me… stubborn.” – sophomore Natalia Mendez


“Funny, talented, beautiful, and cool.” – sophomore Layla Topete


“Great, caring, hard-working.” – junior Jake Markowski


“I would say that she is the nicest person you will meet and she will always try to help you even if she is a bit tired.” – junior Helena Panek


“Sweet, loving, warm, kind.” – sophomore Ze Pack


“Loving, compassionate, endearing, kind, protective, strong, extraordinary, intuitive, caring and mindful.”  – sophomore Tiandra Robertson


“The best mom I could ever ask for!” – junior Payton LeFevers


“A very sensitive but strong person.” – sophomore Kendra Koopman


“She is very kind, loyal, funny and super hard working.” – freshman Bella Kula


“She’s kind, funny, and smart.” – freshman Isabella Locascio


“Outgoing, pretty and smart.” – senior Amber Arias


What else would you say about your mom (stories, examples, etc)

“She is a runner, she does 5k’s, 10k’s, and sometimes 25k races!” – freshman Gavin Rull


“I would also tell her to take more breaks because she sometimes overworks herself and she needs to learn to take more breaks and that there is a time to work and a time for play.” – junior Helena Panek


“She is so cool and fun to be around, I know I might be biased but what other moms stand at concert barricades and in mosh pits with their kids?! Or in lines for 6+ hours to meet their favorite musicians?! She’s literally done both of those things in the past year, and it’s so cool to get to experience some of my favorite memories with her!” – sophomore Layla Topete


“She loves dye-ing her hair and she’s always so colorful. Super bright person and sweet.” – senior Amber Arias

“She is very giving/nurturing (we both tend to “mother” people we care about). One example of this is that she always brings a bunch of snacks for the track team and makes food special for my friends when they come over along with many other things.” – junior Payton LeFevers


Just because Mother’s Day has passed, does not mean we can not remind them every day of how grateful and loved we are to have them. Go give your mom a hug.