Summer sport camps set students up for success

Joining summer camps is extremely important for student athletes


Ava Amato

The football field is an important part of high school sports and even the marching band. Many athletes spend their summer here, creating amazing experiences for themselves and their teammates.

Ava Amato, Staff Writer

All year long, students work hard to accomplish their goals in their sports and this work does not stop when the school year comes to an end. Instead of waiting months for certain sports seasons, students can participate in the summer camps offered during summer break. 

Registration opened for high school summer camps May 1, with youth camps also available for kindergarten through eighth grade students. These camps offer a wide range of sports with varying dates throughout May, June and July. The registration process is done easily on the school website, allowing for less time registering and more time prepping. These summer camps are crucial for the development of student athletes and the sports programs themselves.

“I feel like summer camps are extremely important for students and programs,” Assistant Athletic Director John St. Clair said. “It gives each program time to teach fundamentals and develop program culture without the time constraints of having to prepare for upcoming competitions.”

The relaxation felt in summer makes sports less pressuring and more fun for both athletes and coaches. During this time, a student can get a feel for a certain sport they might be interested in. A student can bond with other students who share the same interests as well as get to know the coaches that may play a huge role in their high school career. The exclusion of homework and studies makes this experience all the more enjoyable as students are less stressed compared to during the school year. 

“They [the summer camps] give students the chance to try out a sport and experience being in a team during a time where they may not have a lot going on since it’s summer. It’s low stress because there’s no assignments due or many other clubs happening,” freshman Sonia Strzalka said, who participated in Track and Field camp last summer. 

With the laid-back feel and minimal restrictions of the summer camps, anyone with any background can join a team and enjoy memorable experiences with others. Some players can also use this time to prepare themselves for tryouts and the upcoming season, allowing them to see where they can grow in their sport.

“A student does not need to be on the team during the season to participate. For example, if a student didn’t make the baseball team, they are still able to sign up for summer camp in preparation of trying out again the following year,” St. Clair said.

With such a wide variety of sports offered, the practice facilities can get busy very quickly. Outside leagues like travel baseball, softball and AAU basketball take up many fields and indoor spaces. The coaches make their best efforts to not overlap any times or dates with other practices. Luckily, the warm summer weather keeps the majority of sports outdoors.

With this upcoming summer looking like a sunny one, students look forward to spending the summer playing a sport they love with people they love. 

“Camp gave me the chance to try out a sport and have fun before school starts. It allowed me to see what to expect during the real season and I made some new friends. It got me moving and it made me feel better about myself,” Strzalka said.