Class of 2023 leaves behind legacy


Artwork by Julia Macari.

Reese Herold, Staff Writer

As the year comes to a close, the senior class hopes to make an impact on the lives of the students that follow them. When asked what they would leave behind, many students thought of their younger siblings and classmates. Here are the responses to this year’s senior wills:

“Confidence to my step brother.” -Chris Zvirbulis

“My curiosity” -Brody Miller

“Pass on my work ethic to my sister.” -Jacob O’Neill

“My hockey IQ to my brother.” -Kuba Mierzwa

Others hoped to benefit larger groups of students and even the school as a whole.

“I would leave behind my humorous script ideas to the speech team.” -Daniel Irace

“I’d pass on my knowledge to people in the grade below of things I would have done different,”  -Nick Valenti

“Keep the legacy of Home Football Game Student Section Alive.” -Andrew Lichacz

“To let the younger students in school not give up on something that’s difficult. Hard work all pays off in the end.” -Drew Indestad

“I think I’d pass the ability to stand up for myself and to prioritize my own feelings and inner peace.” -Julia Piszko

Though facing some challenges along the way, the senior class as a whole has learned and grown from their time at LHS. The class wishes the best to all future graduates and hopes that they can inspire all students to make the most of their high school experience.