Winning the crown


Senior Homecoming King (Cade Campos) and Queen (Marissa Loisi) presented with their crowns.

Maddy Horn and Roderick Marzo

The Homecoming selections took place on September 28, and the results revealed a massive amount of pride and excitement among the student body.

“The group of kids that were both nominated and selected are very good leaders throughout the school and always step up making sure every student feels comfortable,” said freshman Alyssa Gronski.

The princess and prince chosen to represent the freshman class were Alex Leebredes and Skylar Yabush.

Ninth-grader Safin Saraiya said, “I love Alex and Skylar – it’s perfect. I feel everyone wants Alex to be Homecoming prince. You always want someone to represent your grade and I think those two represent it really well.”

For the sophomore class, Jason Berger and Trinity Hatton were elected to represent their grade.

Juniors Max Celis and Kylie Mooney both gained entry through their ecstatic student body.

Finally, Marissa Loisi and Cade Campos won for the fourth year in a row. The senior class chose both Loisi and Campos as a positive representation and role model for their grade.

Marissa Loisi, homecoming queen stated, “Being a member of the homecoming court is way more than an honor and it’s something that’ll stick with me my whole life. It’s reassurance that all the work I’ve done in school and all the friendships I have made paid off. It also demonstrates how much support I have received from the school and my class.”