Roderick Marzo
Roderick Marzo is a Lemont High School freshman hailing from Illinois. He thinks his grades are pretty average, which is true. He also thinks he’s pretty average, which is also pretty true. From an outsider’s perspective, he would look like an ordinary kid but quieter. It’s his first year as a member of the Tom-Tom and, with the assumption that it is a difficult class, hopes to survive. This mentality has stuck with him ever since school started and it’s worked in his favor before. At home, he waters his cactus, ensuring its survival for another week. One of his specialities is sleeping, which he does too much of. In his freetime, he likes reading and eating. Regarding the latter, he is especially fond of shrimp tempura. Unlike many, he’s not involved in any extracurricular activities; he just stays in bed and sleeps.

Roderick Marzo, Staff Writer

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Roderick Marzo