A legacy painted on the wall

Fourth floor mural dedicated to former teacher


Autumn Senecal

The large multi-colored mural attempts to capture Glass’ dedication and enthusiasm for teaching. Her legacy continue to linger through generations of LHS graduates 28 years after she died of cancer.

Lauren Tacbas and Roderick Marzo

From 1946 to 1989 there was a teacher who always seemed to brighten the school day. Her name was Marie Glass.

Throughout Glass’ time as a teacher, she taught biology, physical education, and chemistry while also coaching the girl’s cheerleading team. One of her many memorable accomplishments was founding a volunteer group for students to help care at the St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet.

Although she is no longer with us, Glass continues to impact the school.

Her lasting impact led to a mural being painted in her honor. This mural can be seen positioned by the fourth floor staircase.

The story of the mural that can be seen above the staircase remains prevalent among former generations of graduates. This mural was created in dedication to the late Marie Glass, a student-acclaimed teacher who battled with cancer until her death in 1989.

The mural is a collection of attributions given by Glass to the school. It depicts Glass in the bottom right hand corner, along with atoms, a science scope, a butterfly, chemistry and biology references, and her iconic saying “I care and I share.”

Principal Michaelsen said,“Marie Glass was present when my mother was still schooling and when I was still schooling here as well.”

          Michaelsen also said, “[He] didn’t see the reason as to why we shouldn’t continue displaying both murals for future generations of Lemont High School students.”

Thus allowing for the painted dedications to be lasting manifestations of Lemont High School’s history and Glass’ memorable legacy.

The school’s efforts into giving back to Glass’ for her time as an amazing woman and teacher were even noted by the Chicago Tribune, who wrote a brief feature article on it.

Glass spent 43 years working at the school, all the while forwarding her mantra, “I care and I share.”

And truly her efforts were not in vain. As Michaelsen said, “She was awesome.”