Starting off fresh

It may be the New Year, but it’s still the same old you

Justin Haase, Staff Writer

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Ever since, well, the creation of the calendar, people have started off each January with a small goal for the following year. In some cases, they even created huge dreams that could possibly affect their future drastically. This spark of interest that people crave – to change certain aspects of their lives – has caused many to, in turn, have higher hopes for themselves. But, what if this “new year, new me” philosophy is actually causing more stress and disappointment in these individual’s lives?

Whether that New Year’s goal is made to work out once a week or even binge watch Bob’s Burgers, concrete wishes become set. Big or small, these New Year’s resolutions could soon take effect in life and now, the person making the goals is required to take action in completing them. The stress begins to follow and it could, quite honestly, cause someone to forget just how important managing school and a job and a cute little puppy may be. And as the first couple weeks end, the drive to be a ‘swole god’ or a Bob’s Burgers fanatic has quickly faded. As stated in Forbes’ piece “New Year’s resolutions going vacant,”  “Just 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions.” Well, props to that 8 percent. (I can barely stay on top of cleaning my room, let alone an entire New Year’s resolution.)

But, for the other 92% of people, the stress of staying loyal to their goal soon consumed them. Dreams and resolutions are supposed to be achievable for every person; that forms an optimistic mindset.

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However, these statements disguised as resolutions have, in a sense, become scarier and far-fetched for most, causing a lack of interest in keeping up with them. The want to continue onto season 4, episode 3 of Bob’s Burgers ( a great one, by the way) has come to a halt with a number of outside distractions bombarding already busy schedules. These seemingly endless daily activities cause people to see something to be easier than what they are doing, then they will most likely revert back to that particular occurrence.

So, could the resolution to fixing the continuity of people’s new resolutions be to simplify the goals as a whole? The world recycles every twelve months with a fresh breath of air. From wherever you are, most tend to feel the relevance in celebrating that the past year is over and a new beginning is soon to begin in their lives. Kicking this new year off with a treacherous dream may not be the answer. Instead, stepping forward with something that can easily be obtained and achieved or providing yourself with an easy goal at first can push people to conquer it to the best of their ability. From there, they can then proceed to create more complex and challenging dreams for their life when the easily accessible ones are over. (That being said, I would recommend you to first start binge watching only one season of Bob’s Burgers at a time, because if you can’t “ketchup” you may fall behind and be in one resolution-less pickle.)


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Justin Haase, Staff Writer

Justin is a senior at Lemont High School and as much as he has enjoyed the adventures that high school has brought him, he can not WAIT to get out and...

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Starting off fresh