Keepin’ it cool

Allie Brztowski, Staff Writer


For my 17th birthday, I received a bright white hydro flask from my brother. The next day I attempted to take the bottle to school, however the 24 oz bottle was heavy to carry around, and did not fit into my mesh cup holder on the side of my backpack. 

I also noticed the flex cap made it difficult for me to pull away the circular seal with my teeth and get water into my mouth. I later checked online and figured out that the 24 ounce hydro flask sells for $34.95 on the official hydro flask website, which can be quite pricey for just a water bottle. 

Nevertheless, my water remained cold for the rest of the school day. It’s also important to note that the 24 ounce size holds an impeccable amount of water; I never had to fill up my bottle in school throughout the day. 

The hydro flask can be compared to a thermos bottle or a YETI bottle, because of the durability and insulation. The hydro flask bottle is also customizable, and comes in 11 different colors ranging from neon blue to black, along with various cap sizes like a flex cap and tumbler lid, to promote a travel-friendly product for sports or school. 

Ultimately, I would recommend a Hydroflask to consumers, despite the high price point of about $35 per bottle, because of its sleek design and longevity.