Spirit week kicks off with Neon day


Caroline Vranas

Students congregate after gym ends and show off their neon clothing.

Spirit week has officially begun at LHS with Neon Day, where students were encouraged to dress up in their best neon attire. With this being the first spirit week in two years, students were ready to show off their school spirit. 

Teachers also decided to show off their school spirit, with a standout being Mrs. Melei, who wore a purple wig to class. “I had a blast! No one expected me to wear a purple wig.” 

Students also went all out wearing neon clothing and accessories. Senior Ashlyn Chavarria, said, “We had to go all out, like having that break, and not having spirit week kind of sucked so we had to just do it all, and wear those stupid wigs.” 

Concluding the first day of spirit week, the seniors led the total points with 297, with the juniors coming in second with 267 points, and a tie for third place with the freshmen and sophomore classes both having 224 points to round up the day. While juniors gained the most points by dressing up, seniors pulled ahead by creating unique and humorous skits. 

Many students and teachers kicked off spirit week with neon clothing and accessories and showed just how much they have been missing spirit week. (Andrew Kula)
Neon day was well anticipated and published all throughout the school to make sure students led off spirit week the right way. (Andrew Kula)
Neon-clad students in Mrs. Rodriguez-Baltrum’s class can be seen even in the dark. (Caroline Vranas)
Students were able to maintain their neon look throughout the day, including lunch. (Caroline Vranas)