Class color day coordinators dodge dodgeball with replacement games


Addyson Connolly

People heading into the bleachers at the beginning of the assembly.

Each year on Class Color Day, students buzz in excitement for the Homecoming Games. Usually, the games are held in the Gym, but this year it is held on the football field. However, with new circumstances comes new games. One of the games that was cut this year was dodgeball.

Students, especially the senior class, were disappointed with this decision. Senior Jackie Wencl expressed her frustration to Mr. Doherty, who organizes the games. “A lot of people are going to miss dodgeball if it is not a part of our games,” Wencl said, “There’s tug of war, arm wrestling, and dodgeball: the Holy Trinity of Class Color Day, please don’t sadden us with missing one.”

At the assembly, the senior class chanted “Bring back dodgeball” as the other games took place. The same chant occurred from the senior section at the Friday assembly, this time getting the attention of Mr. Doherty, the activities director. “You all know better… seniors shagging balls for the senior team is not possible,” Doherty said.

In place of dodgeball, there were 5 new Homecoming games this year. The pumpkin relay and dizzy bats newly added this year were won by the freshman. There was also the blanket flip and field goal challenge won by the juniors. And lastly, the frisbee cup was also a new addition to this year won by Sunny Rana and Lauren MacLean for the senior class.  

“I feel good,” senior Lauren MacLean said after successfully knocking down two out of three cups and beating the frisbee cup. 

Out of all the games this year, the Juniors dominated with a total of five games won out of nine. Freshman came in second with three wins, while Seniors came in third with two wins and sophomores came in last with zero first place wins.  

After beating the seniors in a game of tug of war, the Juniors went to challenge the teachers where they faced a crushing defeat. 

While the future of dodgeball is still undecided, at least the new games brought some entertainment to the student body.

Students watch the teams prepare for the Dizzy Bats event (Natalie Barowsky)