Lemont’s school spirit shows on generation day


Megan Sawatzky

Seniors Bella Wilton and Lauren MacLean transformed into an elderly couple to get into the spirit of the day.

School spirit overflowed on day 3 of spirit week, which had everyone dressed up in different generations. Freshman dressed up as babies, sophomores as toddlers, juniors as working adults, seniors as elders, and faculty as teenagers. 

A creative day of dressing up called for amusing, funny skits. The sophomores came in 5th while the seniors clinched 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st.

“We wanted to win so we thought why not make a skit. It was worth a shot for senior year.”  said Kristen McClatchy, senior and fourth place finisher. 

Kristen along with Amanda Windstrup earned the senior class 10 points with their “Life Alert” skit. 

Due to the current pandemic, gathering in the field house was prohibited. Students were forced to be more imaginative using videos instead of live performances. Videos were required to be no longer than a minute.

Skits had to be submitted by 4 PM each day to Mrs. Duensing in order to be in the running to earn some spirit points. There were only 30 spots open each day so students had to be prepared and ready with their skits. Generation day had the most skits created overall filling all 30 open spots. 

Generation day had a total of 810 students dress up. Seniors led with 235 people, juniors with a close second of 221, sophomores with 204, and freshmen with 150.


Senior Monika Pawlikowski dresses paying tribute to her Polish culture, which was a popular choice among seniors on Generation Day.
(Megan Sawatzky)
Juniors Reagan Russell, Agne Malcius, and Erin Barbinec decided to make themselves feel a bit more at home by wearing outfits inspired by their dads to fit into the adult theme. (Reagan Russell)