Electronic hall passes replace traditional paper passes for 2022-23 school year


Ella Murray

To use the E-hallpass, students must fill out a digital pass that includes what class they are departing from and their destination.

Ella Murray, Web Editor

In previous school years, if a student needed to use the bathroom or go to another classroom, their teacher would need to fill out and sign a piece of paper. Along with the many other technological changes being made to the school, the way hall passes are assigned is changing as well. 

E-hallpass is a website that allows students to create their own hall pass that their teacher can sign off on to allow them to go to the restroom, counselor, nurse or different classroom. 

Vice principal Brent Gagnon said, “There’s a lot of different teachers in the building and everybody has their own methods. Using QR codes, having students take a toilet seat, some people were just ripping off and signing a piece of paper, others were using passes. Everyone had a different system in terms of providing a pass.”

Since most teachers have had different methods for how they let their students use the restroom, in theory having one universal method would help limit the amount of confused students.

 “Overall it has been accepted and I think that teachers are using it and kids are on board. Like all other technology it has been slow a few times this semester,” said Gagnon. 

The switch to the E-hallpass has gone smoothly, with students and teachers both understanding the process of setting up and using the pass. 

Gagnon said, “This is the only time every teacher and student has to learn something new, moving forward the only people that have to learn will be incoming freshmen.”

From now on, E-hallpass will be used by every teacher in the school. Each upcoming year, the new freshmen and transfer students will be taught how to use the E-hallpass. 

With any additional questions or concerns, contact Gagnon at [email protected] or stop by his office.